See View 3D Imaging Sonar Model 3264

See View 3D Imaging Sonar Model 3264 Transducer Arrays.

The See-View Imaging Sonar is a forward looking active underwater acoustic device that provides a 3D real-time display of an area ahead of a surface or underwater vehicle to aid in the avoidance and detection of submerged objects. The sonar may also be used as a fixed installation to protect harbours or moored vessels from divers and unmanned vehicles. The See-View when installed will scan both horizontally and vertically to produce a three dimensional representation of the area in front of the sonar up to a maximum range of 500m. The “T” configuration transducer array can be either over the side or hull mounted and connected by cable to the electronics processing unit which is controlled from the operating PC via an Ethernet connection. The system software can operate the sonar in a 2D mode for a faster update rate and then switch to 3D mode for a more graphical representation of the area scanned. A motion reference unit can be integrated into the system to stabilise data from the sonar in response to pitch/roll movement. The entire system is operated via a Laptop or desktop PC running under the Windows operating system.

Features Include

  • Forward looking, Real-Time, 3D scanning
  • 500m range
  • Determine target depth in the water column
  • Wide-Band operating frequency
  • MRU for data stability
  • Dynamically Steered Transmit Beams
  • Hull or Overside Mount
  • "Windows” based 3D display software
  • Moveable “camera” viewpoint
Ship Wreck Guernsey.

Ship Wreck Guernsey.

Surface Ice and Seabed.

3D and Plan View.

Chart Overlay.

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