3D Profiling Sonar 2001

Example of the 3D Profiling Sonar 2001's operation.

The 3D Profiling Sonar System provides a unique opportunity to capture short range 3D bathymetry data at high resolution. The acoustic transducer scans a horizontal swath and is then rotated by a small angle and another swath captured until a complete circular area underneath the sonar dome is covered.

The model 2001 is available in either a cable connected or self-contained logging version. The sonar may be fitted with optional Conductivity, Temperature, Pressure, Pitch and Roll sensors. With the full complement of sensors the logging unit can process the raw data to arrive at an ASCII XYZ file directly. The logging version has an internal Ethernet link which may be used to upload the stored data without opening the pressure housing.

The underwater housing is typically mounted on a sub-sea framework or pole and deployed for several weeks or months. Internal scheduling software wakes the system from a low power sleep mode to capture data periodically. For tidal surveys a wet-switch may be specified so that the sonar only captures data when immersed.

The system software provided has facilities for programming the scheduling as well as displaying the raw data or XYZ files from the sonar. The "Windows" interface significantly reduces the time taken to learn the system, minimising training requirements.

Features Include

  • High resolution 3D data captured directly
  • Built in CTD, Pitch/Roll sensors used to calibrate data stored by sonar
  • "Windows '98, ME, 2000, NT, XP software with multiple views
  • Raw data logging to mass storage allows alternative post processing methods
  • Cursors for accurate on screen measurement
  • Available as a logging system, cable connected, or split-head variants
  • No external rotating parts
  • Pressure balanced sonar dome
3D 'XYZ' Plot.

3D 'XYZ' Plot.

Plan view of 3D scan.

3D view of 360 degree sweep.

3D Profiling Sonar 2001 operating in Swath View.

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