Multi-Return Altimeter 11001 Specification

Most existing Altimeters operate by measuring the travel time between a transmitted acoustic pulse and the first received echo which exceeds a given signal threshold. These devices operate on what is known as a "first-return" basis. This method works satisfactorily in ideal conditions, where there is little ambient noise and the water is free from bubbles or suspended sediments, however, this is most often not the case. The Marine Electronics model 11001 Multi-Return Altimeter is a sophisticated digital sonar system whilst remaining simple to integrate with other equipment on both scientific platforms and ROV's.

The Model 11001 Altimeter transmits a narrow 1.6 conical beam at 1.1MHz with a programmable pulse length from 10usec in width. A high speed A/D converter captures the received echos directly into a FIFO memory buffer with a programmable sample rate and count. The start and stop ranges for which the A/D captures data are also programmable so that a specific range may be examined in minute detail with up to 4095 samples spaced as little as 1usec apart. The model 11001 examines the data stored inthe FIFO and calculates the range to the sea-bed mathematically with a noise rejection algorithm.

Marine Electronics Model 11001 Multi-Return Altimeter:

Acoustic Frequency:
Transmit Pulse Width:


Start Ranges:
Stop Ranges:
Operating Depth:

Sample Rate:

Number of Averages:
Number of Samples:
Repetition (Ping) Rate:

Range Resolution:
Power Supply:
Digital Output:

Analogue Output:



1.6░ (+/-3dB) conical beam
10Ásec to 1msec in 10Ásec
40dB fixed 0-40dB variable in
16 steps
0.2m to 10m in 0.2m steps
0.5m to 20m in 0.5m steps
100m (ÁPVC housing)
1000m (Aluminium housing)
1Ásec to 100Ásec in 1Ásec
1 to 100
4095 maximum
0.1Hz to 10Hz in 100 msec
15 to 30V DC at 120mA
RS232 at 38.4k baud or
RS485 at 38.4k baud
0 to +5V full-scale or
0 to +10V full-scale
ÁPVC, Polyurethane, Stainless
Steel 316, Brass Connector
85mm diameter, 165mm long
(exluding connector)

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