Dolphin 6201 OAS Specification

The resolution and update speed of the Dolphin Obstacle Avoidance Sonar sets a new performance benchmark for Autonomous Vehicle Navigation. The rugged compact underwater unit can be easily integrated into the nose-cone of the A.U.V. and is rated up to 4000m or 6000m operational depth. The system software is able to track up to a maximum of 250 discrete acoustic targets.

Each target is assigned an I.D. number and then monitored for range and bearing for each data frame until it disappears from view.Targets that appear along the avoidance corridor in front of the vehicle are analysed for a potential collision hazard and appropriate avoidance messages are then output. By connecting a P.C. on the surface to the Ethernet output, the raw image data from each frame may be viewed using a Windows program.



Operating Frequency:    250kHz
Angular Resolution:       0.8
Sector Scanned:           120
Number of Beams:        128
Vertical Beamwidth:       20
Range Settings:            1m to 200m
Scan Rate:                    1-30Hz
Range Resolution:        15mm


Size:                             260mm dia x 120mm
Material:                       Aluminium Alloy or Stainless Steel 316
Depth Rating:               500m standard or 4000m and 6000m optional
Weight in Air:                AL 12kg, S/S 35kg
Weight in Water:           AL 7.5kg, S/S 30kg
Temperature:                -10 to +40 (operating), -20 to +50 (storage)


Power Consumption:   15W Maximum
Supply Voltage:            20 to 36V DC
Communications:         Ethernet or VDSL
Connector:                   8 Way Micro Subconn

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