3D Profiling Sonar 2001 Specification

The resolution of the 3D Profiling Sonar sets a new performance benchmark for short range bathymetry sonar systems. The high frequency acoustic transducer scans a narrow “pencil” beam along a swath whilst an advanced multi-return processing algorithm extracts the range to the sea-bed from the raw data.

In logging form the system then uses the data from the Conductivity, Temperature and Pressure transducers to calculate an accurate value for the Velocity of Sound in the water at the sonar head. The Pitch and Roll sensors provide attitude correction so that the 3D surface data is orientated correctly allowing features such as scour to be accurately quantified.

In “split-head” format (see below) the sonar can be used for quantifying sludge levels in tanks or vessels containing hazardous substances for process control monitoring.

The 3D sonar underwater unit is available in a “split-head” format allowing the electronics to be mounted at a distance from the sonar head. There are no semiconductors inside the sonar head unit, which allows it to capture data in the harshest of environments. For example, in areas of high radioactivity it will continue to function for much longer than a conventional sonar with on-board electronics.

The split-head unit connects to the Electronics Processing Unit shown on the left via an umbilical cable. Both the Logging version and the Split-Head version have internal pressure balancing cylinders to compensate for the expansion/contraction of the oil in the sonar dome due to thermal and pressure effects.

Marine Electronics Model 2001 3D Profiling Sonar:

System Specification

Operating Frequency:
Transducer Beamwidth:
Transmit Pulse Length:
Range Settings:
Range Resolution:
Swath Angles:
Along Swath Resolution:
Rotational Resolution:
Sample Rate:
Operating Depth:
Conductivity Range:
Conductivity Accuracy:
Temperature Range:
Temperature Accuracy:
Pressure Range:
Pressure Accuracy:
Pitch Range:
Pitch Accuracy:
Roll Range:
Roll Accuracy:
Telemetry Interfaces:

Power Supply:

1.8° (+/-3dB points conical)
10µsec to 250µsec
0.5m to 20m in 0.1m steps
30°, 60°, 90°, 120°, 150°, 180°
0.9° to 9° in 0.9° steps
0.9° to 9° in 0.9° steps
0 to 64mmho/cm
+/- 0.025mmho/cm
-5°C to 35°C
+/- 0.05°C
1% of full-scale
RS232 – Programming
Ethernet – Data Upload
RS485 – Remote Head
12V DC at 1.5A max.

Logging Underwater Unit




Remote Underwater Unit




Diameter: 127mm
Length:     620mm
(not including connectors)
8.9kg in air
1.1kg in water
Hard Anodised Aluminium

Diameter: 127mm
Length:     270mm
4.8kg in air
2.1kg in water
Hard Anodised Aluminium

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