Transponder ME8024

Transponder ME8024.

The ME8024 Transponder is a self contained low powered microprocessor controlled unit compatible with the Sonar Type 2093 system.

The unit is fitted with a Pressure Sensing Transducer that enables the depth of the unit to be transmitted acoustically to the surface.

There are two externally operated switches, one for the selection of the operating channel and the other to switch the unit on and off. A removable underwater plug enables battery replacement without dismantling the unit.

The standard Alkaline battery pack provides a month of listening life with a full charge operating for 6 hours per day at once per 5 seconds.

ME8024 is particularly suitable for underwater tracking and location applications where size and weight are important factors. Examples of such use are Remote Vehicle, Towfish tracking and Mine Hunting using the Sonar type 2093. The standard model ME8024 is depth rated to 500m with either omni-directional or directional transducers. Typically the omni-directional units are more suited to shallow water applications whilst the directional units are more suited to operations in deeper water.

Custom re-packaged units are available to order to suit individual requirements for minimal additional cost. The battery pack size, transmit power and channel frequencies may also be tailored to suit a specific application, contact Marine Electronics for further details.

Features Include

  • Compatible with Sonar 2093 for RCMDS MK2 operation
  • External On/Off switch
  • External switch selects Receive Frequency Channel
  • Operating depth to 500m
  • Omni-directional Transducer
  • Pressure Transducer for Depth Measurement by Acoustic Telemetry
  • Field replaceable Alkaline battery pack
  • Field changeable transducer

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