Transponder / Responder ME7656

Transponder / Responder ME7656.

The compact ME7656 range of transponders are low-powered microprocessor controlled units compatible with the Simrad HPR system. The operational mode of any of the units may be externally selected as either a Transponder or a Responder.

There is an externally operated switch for selection of the operating channel and an underwater connector for the Responder Trigger, external power supply or internal battery charging.

The standard NimH rechargeable battery pack provides a month of listening life with a full charge. Digitally controlled fast charging units are optionally available which will charge three units simultaneously.

The ME7656 is particularly suitable for underwater tracking and location applications where size and weight are important factors. Examples of such use are Remote Vehicle and Towfish tracking and Wellhead or other target marking. There are currently four standard ME7656 models for 1000m and 2000m depth rating with either omni-directional or directional transducers. Typically the omni-directional units are more suited to shallow water applications whilst the directional units are more suited to operations in deeper water.

Custom re-packaged units are available to order to suit individual requirements for minimal additional cost. The battery pack size, transmit power and channel frequencies may also be tailored to suit a specific application, contact Marine Electronics for further details.

Features Include

  • External switch selects HPR channel
  • External On/Off switch
  • Responder trigger, power supply and charger connector are Simrad responder compatible
  • Operating depth to 3000m
  • Directional or omni-directional transducer
  • Automatic switching to self-powered transponder mode if ROV power/trigger fails
  • Externally powered for continuous operation
  • Field changeable transducer

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