Pipe Profiling Sonar - 1512 Ethernet Specification

The resolution and update speed of the Model 1512E Pipe Profiling Sonar is second to none in the field of mechanically scanned sonars. The angular resolution of the system is 0.9 degrees which gives 400 sectors per revolution. For each sector the data is oversampled and peak detected. The digitally generated graphics display uses 256 colours to represent the signal amplitude. At a minimum full-scale range of 125mm this gives a range resolution of 0.5mm and at 3m range the resolution is 5mm.

The acoustic beamwidth of 1.1 degrees ensures that the finest detail from the pipe surface is recorded. A 3 axis accelerometer inside the scanner records the attitude of the sonar to a resolution of 0.1. The sonar has been engineered for extended operations in hostile environments. The transducer and drive motor are totally enclosed in an oil-filled pressure balanced housing which is hermetically sealed from the stainless steel electronics pod. The system has many applications other than inside pipes where short range high precision measurements are required with a rapid screen update.

Marine Electronis 1512E Pipe Profiling System

Software Features

Display Modes:

Range Settings (mm):

Range Settings (in):

Range Resolution:

Angular Resolution:
Tx Pulse Length:
Display Resolution:
Colour Control:

ASCII Output:

Operating System:

Polar - full 360 degree coverage
Sector - 30 to 270 arc width at
30 to 330 centre angles in 30 steps
125, 187, 250, 375, 500, 750,
1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4500,
5, 7.5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 60, 80
120, 180, 240
1/200, 1/400, 1/600
of full scale range
0.9 degrees
Variable 4usec to 20usec
400 sectors
8bit multiple palletes with min,
max and step control to optimise
dynamic range
NMEA style profiling string via
Windows XP Upwards

Underwater Unit

Acoustic Frequency:
Beam Width:
Pitch/Roll Sensors:

Power Requirements:
Overall Length:

Operating Depth:
Operating Temp:
Storage Temp:
Weight in Water:
Weight in Air:

Ethernet / PSU Interface

Power Input:

Power Output Variable:
Cable Payout Input:

1.1 degrees conical
3 Axis accelerometers
resolution 0.1 degrees

+24VDC at 1A maximum
Stainless Steel 316 with PVC
transducer housing
+5C to +40C
0C to +70C

10/100 Base-T Ethernet
110v 230v AC 50/60Hz
Switch Selectable
+22v to +34v DC 1 Amp
+5V quadrature
Width: 110mm
Depth: 165mm
Height: 35mm

Options Include:

  • Underwater Unit with integral Ethernet output
  • Miniature probe for pressurised water mains
  • Cable drum with slip rings (various lengths)
  • Fibre-optic modules for extended cable length

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