Image Profiling Sonar 1640 / 2640

Model 1640 high resolution imaging sonar with notebook PC.

The Model 1640 high resolution imaging sonar and the Model 2640 profiling sonar from Marine Electronics are designed to give the maximum performance for a minimum price. The sonar units are controlled from the "Windows" based system software running on a P.C. The hardware interface to the sonar is either direct via RS232 or via an external serial linked RS485 control unit with internal PSU. For complete portability the sonar may be powered from batteries and controlled from a notebook P.C.

The underwater scanning unit benefits from Marine Electronics' 20+ years of experience in the design and manufacture of sector scanning sonars. The acoustic transducer and drive motor are fully enclosed in a pressure balanced oil filled PVC "boot". Having no external moving parts, grit and sand are excluded from wearing the sealing surfaces. Additional impact protection for the transducer is also afforded by the "boot". An advanced error detection and correction protocol is used which enables the telemetry to function when subjected to the high levels of noise and crosstalk on typical R.O.V. umbilicals.

The surface software has been designed for ease of use without sacrificing advanced features. A simple control panel has analogue simulations of control knobs which provide for easy and quick range, gain, arc and centre angle settings. Single click push buttons control the display mode and step angle size.

Features Include

  • High Resolution colour display with Multiple display modes
  • Dual tracking cursor for accurate on screen measurements
  • Robust digital telemetry with error detection and correction
  • Enclosed rugged transducer
  • Image save and restore at full resolution allows post analysis of real data
  • Compact underwater unit
  • ASCII data export
  • Software upgradeable
Polar Display Mode

Polar Display Mode

Sector Display Mode

Sidescan Mode

Depth Mode

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