Pipe Profiling Sonar - 1512 Ethernet

1512 Ethernet Pipe Profiling Sonar Unit. 1512E Pipe Profiling Sonar Ethernet Interface and Power Supply Unit. 1512E Pipe Profiling Sonar Mounted on Tractor Unit. 1512E Pipe Profiling Sonar Mounted on Float.

The Model 1512E Pipe Profiling Sonar provides an acoustic method for profiling the interiors of liquid filled pipes or boreholes. This method does not require draining of the pipes as with camera surveys and provides accurate quantified data which can not be obtained from a camera display alone.

The equipment comprises of an underwater Scanning Unit ( which may be skid, float, tractor or ROV mounted ) and a compact Ethernet interface Unit. To complete the system a "Windows" P.C. with an Ethernet port is required to run the 1512E system software.

The Scanning Unit is a rugged stainless steel cylinder with a pressure balanced uPVC transducer housing at one end, and the umbilical cable connecter at the other. The standard Scanning Unit is rated at 500m operational depth. Two lead-acid batteries could be used to power the Scanning Unit together with a notebook P.C. for a completely portable solution. Internal Pitch and Roll sensors display in analogue and digital form the orientation of the sonar in the pipe.

The Ethernet Interface Unit connects to the host P.C. running under the "Windows" operating system. ( XP upwards is supported ). The Ethernet Interface has inputs for a cable payout encoder so that the distance travelled may be displayed to 0.1m resolution allowing accurate determination of where flaws exist in the pipe relative to the deployment position. The Ethernet Interface is powered from the AC mains supply and is electrically isolated from the supply generated for the underwater scanner.

Features Include

  • Real Time continuous scanning over a full 360 degrees in 1 sec
  • "Windows" user-friendly software with Ethernet connection minimises training time
  • Direct capture to Hard Disk for high resolution image save and restore
  • Dual tracking cursor for accurate on-screen measurements
  • Internal Pitch and Roll sensors
  • Quadrature cable counter interface
  • Built in 500m cable drive as standard, fibre-optic system optional
  • Automatic profile detection and output in ASCII format for import into third party 3D modelling software

DOWNLOAD A DEMO.......PipeProfiler E software and sample images are available using the links below.

Notes on installation: Simply click the links above and when prompted select "Save as" and choose a directory to save the file on your hard drive. Unzip the PipeProfiler E zip file before running the SETUP executable and follow the on-screen prompts to install the software.

The sample data files must also be unzipped to a location on your hard drive. Included in the data file folder are text documents for each image describing the situation and what you are viewing on screen.

Quantify damage and deformation

Measure sludge build-up

Locate lateral connections

Expand detail in Sector Mode

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