See Echo 3D Imaging Sonar

See Echo 3D Imaging Sonar Transducer Arrays.

The See Echo Imaging Sonar is a forward looking active underwater acoustic device that provides a 3D, real-time display of the terrain ahead of a surface or underwater vehicle to aid in the avoidance and detection of submerged objects.

The See Echo when installed scan both horizontally and vertically to produce a three dimensional representation of the area in front of the vehicle up to a maximum range of 1000m.

The system software can operate in a 2D mode for a faster update rate and then switch to 3D mode for a more graphical representation of the area scanned.

A motion reference unit can be integrated into the system to stabilise data from the sonar in response to pitch/roll movement.

The entire system can be operated via the touch screen, TFT monitor, which is transflective in design providing high contrast under strong sunlight. A dimmable backlight provides a variable level of low light illumination to minimise glare at night.

Features Include

  • Forward looking, Real-Time, 3D scanning
  • 100m - 1000m range
  • Determine target depth in the water column
  • Wide-Band operating frequency
  • MRU for data stability
  • Optional 3000m operation
  • High contrast, TFT, touch-screen display
  • "Windows” based 3D display software
  • Moveable “camera” viewpoint
  • Target tracking option
Ship Wreck Guernsey.

Ship Wreck Guernsey.

Surface Ice and Seabed.

3D and Plan View.

Chart Overlay.

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