See Echo 3D Imaging Sonar Specification

The See Echo 3D Sonar is based on Marine Electronics digital range of electronically scanning multibeam sonar's utilising an improved wide band technique.

The sonar scans a horizontal sector of 90 degrees to a 1.5 degree resolution and a vertical sector of 20 degrees to a 1 degree resolution simultaneously for every “ping” of the transmitter.

The See Echo provides a true 3D forward looking image updating at a rate dictated by just the travel time for one acoustic pulse, this means a full 3D image is displayed faster than every 2 seconds for up to a 1000m range.

The system consists of separate transmitter and receiver arrays, mounted on the vehicle, cabled to an Electronics Processing Unit.

An optional motion reference unit to stabilise the vehicle movement can be connected to the Electronics Processing Unit.

The sonar data is transferred via a fibre-optic Ethernet link from the Electronics Processing Unit to the host PC where the system is controlled via a touch-screen sunlight viewable TFT monitor.

The system software integrates the data from the sonar and MRU to display a 3D representation of the targets detected in front of the vehicle.

Transducer Array

Operating Frequency:

Transmitter Beamwidth

Receiver Beamwidth

Operating Range:
Transmitter Dimensions:
Receiver Dimensions:

Surface Display Unit



100-250Khz, wide Band
Aluminium, Polyurethane

1 °


Max 1000m
Frequency Dependent
Frequency Dependent

20.1" Touch screen, Transflective
LCD Marine Monitor

Fused and Filtered IEC mains inlet
3 x RS232 Ports MRU/GPS
Keyboard/VGA/Mouse Ports
RJ45/MT-RJ Ethernet

Electronic Processing Unit


Operating Temperature:
Storage Temperature:



Power Supply:

Frequency Dependent
Frequency Dependent
Stainless Steel

10 to +40 degrees C
-20 to +60 degrees C

Supplied in underwater housing or
open frame for customer installation
Fused and Filtered IEC mains inlet
2 x RS232 ports
Keyboard/VGA/Mouse Ports
RJ45/MT-RJ Ethernet
Transmitter Array
Receiver Array

240V AC at less than 6kW peak

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