Transponder / Responder ME8000 Specification



Repetition Rate:
Battery Type:
Charging Time:

Quiescent Life:

Rx Sensitivity:
External Power:
Weight: 1000m

Weight: 2000m

Operating Depth:
Tx Pulse Length:

Rx Bandwidth:
Turnaround Delay:

Responder Trigger:

Tx source Level:

Tx Source Level:

Tx Beam Pattern:

No. of Replies:

HPR300 - 14 Channels
HPR400 - 56 Channels
ORE Trackpoint - 32 Channels
Maximum 2 per second
NimH 18V at 1.2AH
3 Hours using charger type
Operating: 0 to +50°C
Storage: -20 to +65°C
10ÁV r.m.s.
+22V to +30V DC
Air: 1.85kg
Water: 0.7kg
Air: 3.1kg
Water: 1.0kg
1000m to 2000m (option)
HPR -10msec
Trackpoint - 1.3msec
400Hz (+/-3dB)
HPR300 - 30msec
HPR400 - 60msec
ORE Trackpoint - 15msec
>2msec +5V pulse
(>+4V inhibits reciever)
Directional: 190dB re 1ÁPa @ 1m
Omni-Directional: 187dB re 1ÁPa @ 1m
Directional: +/-45° Conical
Omni-Directional: +/-90° Doughnut

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